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AX-WIRT-9700 / Wireless Intelligent Room Thermostat and Receiver Module POA Qty
AX-WIRT-000T / Wireless Intelligent Room Thermostat (No Receiver Module) POA Qty
AX-WIRT-000R / Wireless Intelligent Room Thermostat Receiver Module (No Room Module) POA Qty

The AX-WIRT-9700 “wireless” room thermostat is designed to offer the user multiple functions that can be enabled to suit the requirements of the installation. It offers the ideal solution for bringing energy wasting installations, with no control, up to date without damaging existing room decorations. The unit incorporates a passive infra-red detector and night setback operation both of which can be configured by the installer. The function of the setpoint adjustment can also be disabled allowing the unit to be used as a tamperproof system. The AX-WIRT-9700 can be used to control heating loads up to 3kW or used with the AX-90 range of terminal valves for LPHW systems.
Product Features
• Wireless Operation
• Energy Saving PIR Functions
• Up to 3kW Heating Load
• 65million+ Possible Address Codes
• Up To Two Years Battery Life
• Operates From Standard AAA Batteries
• Low Battery Indication

Setback Range
5 to 20 DegC
Occupied Range
15 to 25 DegC
10 Minutes Roll On
3 x Standard AAA (LR03)
Reveiver Range
Max PIR Range

Room Unit
120 x 70 x 32mm
Receiver Unit
145 x 85 x 25mm
RF Licence
Licence exempt MPT.1340.WT Exempt
Country of Origin
United Kingdom

AX-WIRT-9700.pdf / Wireless Intelligent Room Controller