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AX-TS-FS-A / Frost Protection Thermostat- Auto Reset POA Qty
AX-TS-FS-M / Frost Protection Thermostat- Manual Reset POA Qty
AX-TS-FS- FC / Capillary Fixing Clips (pack of 6) POA Qty
AX-TS-FS-IP65 / IP65 Case for Frost Thermostat POA Qty
AX-TS-FS-H24 / 24Vac heater for FCP POA Qty
AX-TS-FS-H240 / 240Vac heater for FCP POA Qty

The AX-TS-FS-x Frost protection Thermostat are a range of units for frost protection in the fresh air intake in air conditioning systems .These units provide a switched output based on the average temperature detected along a six metre capillary sensor. The unit is fixed across a duct,using capillary clips, downstream of the pre-heater or frost coil and is used to prevent the icing up of filters, fans and coils.
Product Features
Auto and Manual Reset Versions
6 Metre capillary
16A @240Vac Switch Rating
Easy adjustment of setpoint

Control Range
-18 to + 13°C
Operating Volatge
240Vac @ 50/60Hz
Switch Type
SDPT Volt Free Contacts
Switch Rating
16A(8) @ 250Vac
Switching Differential
1.7°C (approx)
6 metres of 2mm diam copper
Ambient range
Housing 0 to 50°C

Capillary -15 to + 150°C
87 x 50 x 180mm (max)
IP44 as standard ( IP65 option at additional cost)
Country of Origin

AX-TS-FS.pdf / Frost Protection Thermostat