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AX-TC-9520-35 / Capillary Thermostat -35 to + 35 deg C 1.5m Capillary POA Qty
AX-TC-9520-60 / Capillary Thermostat 0 to 60 deg C 1.5m Capillary POA Qty
AX-TC-9520-90 / Capillary Thermostat 0 to 90 deg C 1.5m Capillary POA Qty
AX-TC-VT-120 / Fixing Flange with ventilated tube 120mm POA Qty
AX-TC-VT-250 / Fixing Flange with ventilated tube 250mm POA Qty
AX-TC-CP-90 / Copper Immersion pocket for capillary 1/2 BSP 90mm long POA Qty

The AX-TC-9520 Capillary Thermostat are a range of units for heating, cooling and air conditioning systems in well polluted areas (dusty and damp ).These units provide a switched output based on the average temperature detected along a one and a half metre capillary sensor. The copper element is suitable for non-agressive liquids and gases
Product Features
Four Temperature ranges
1.5 Metre capillary as standard (4.5m option)
16A @250Vac Switch Rating
Easy adjustment of setpoint

Sensitive Element
Liquid filled coiled copper bulb
1 stage
Control Range
-35 -35 to + 35°C

-60 0 to 60°C

-90 0 to 90°C
Switch Type
SDPT Volt Free Contacts
Switch Rating
C1 16A(3) @ 250Vac

C2 6A(1) @ 250Vac
Switching Differential
2 to 5K
1.5 metres of 2mm diam copper
Ambient range
Housing 0 to 90°C

Capillary -30 to + 150 deg C
Housing 90(h) x 60(w) x 45(d)mm
Country of Origin

AX-TC-9520.pdf / Capillary Thermostats