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AX-RM1AB / Adjustable single relay module with buffered output POA Qty

The Axio AX-RM1AB module provides a SPCO relay output from a 0 to 10 volt input signal. The relay switch on and switch off points are adjustable using the on-board presets. The AX-RM1AB also provides a buffered slave 0 to 10 volt output signal to drive other modules etc. An AUTO/ON (HAND)/OFF jumper link is provided for commissioning or manual override purposes. The unit can be powered from 24Vdc or 24Vac. The AX-RM1AB is supplied in a DIN rail carrier suitable for mounting on TS35 section DIN rail and features high quality rising clamp terminals for ease of connection.
Product Features
0-10V dc input at low current
SPCO volt free relay output
Buffered slave 0-10V dc output
24Vac/dc powered
LED indication of relay status
AUTO/ON (HAND)/OFF jumper link for commissioning
High quality rising clamp terminals
DIN rail carrier (TS35 DIN rail)

Supply voltage
24Vac or dc (+/-15%)
Supply current
100 mA on 24Vac / 30mA on 24Vdc maximum
0-10 volts dc at 0.3 mA maximum
0-10 volts dc at 5 mA maximum
Switch On point
Adjustable 0.1 to 10Vdc
Switch Off point
Adjustable 0.1 to Switch On point
Output switching
Single Pole Changeover - 230Vac at 12 amps (NO contact- Resistive load)
Rising clamp for 0.5-2.5mm2 cable
LED indicator
ON when relay energised
Ambient temperature range
0C to 50C
34(W) x 83(H) x 47(D) mm (Maximum)
45 grams
Country of origin
United Kingdom

AX-RM1AB.pdf / Adjustable single relay module with buffered output