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AX-RM1A-12SP / Adjustable single relay module 12Vac/dc POA Qty

The Axio AX-RM1A-12SP module provides a SPCO relay output from a 0 to 10 volt input signal. Both the relay switch on and switch off points are adjustable using the on board potentiometers. The unit can be powered from either 12Vdc or 12Vac. The AX-RM1A-12SP is supplied in a DIN rail carrier suitable for mounting on TS35 section DIN rail and features high quality rising clamp terminals for ease of connection.
Product Features
0-10V dc input
SPCO relay output
12Vac/dc powered
Relay LED indication
High quality rising clamp terminals
DIN rail carrier (TS35 DIN rail)

Supply voltage
12Vac or dc (+/-15%)
Supply current
50 mA dc / 110 mA ac maximum
0-10 volts dc at 1 mA maximum
Setpoint preset
0.2 to 9.8 volts (Set on point)
Differential preset
0.1 to 9.7 volts (Set off point)
Output switching
250Vac at 10 amps (NO contact- Resistive)
Rising clamp for 0.5-2.5mm2 cable
Ambient temperature range
0C to 50C
34(W) x 83(H) x 47(D) mm (Maximum)
45 grams
Country of origin
United Kingdom

AX-RM1A-12SP.pdf / AX-RM1A-12SP Adjustable single relay module (12V)