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AX-NEAM-02 / Modulating damper Actuators 2nm POA Qty
AX-NEAM-05 / Modulating damper Actuators 5nm POA Qty
AX-NEAM-08 / Modulating Damper Actuators 8nm POA Qty
AX-NEAM-16 / Modulating Damper Actuators 16nm POA Qty
AX-NEAM-24 / Modulating Damper Actuators 24nm POA Qty

TheAX-NEAMrange of ModulatingDamperActuators for use in standard HVAC applications. TheActuators are designed for 24 Vac/dc or 230V ac operation. The actuators include a manual override lever for manualy positioning the valve when the actuator is not powered. The units come completewith anAnti rotation strap and Universal adaptor
Product Features
Torque 2/5/8/16/24Nm
Damper size 0.4/10m2
Power supply 24Vac/dc
Minimum shaft length 40mm
Selectable direction of rotation
Adjustable angle of rotaion
Actulators with 900 mm cable connection
Customer version on rquest

NEAM 24Vac/dc@50/60Hz +/- 10%
Input Signal
0-10Vmodulating (or 2-10V)
Torque NEAM-1-02
Torque NEAM-1-05
Torque NEAM-1-08
Torque NEAM-1.16
Torque NEAM-1.24
5nm 2W/ 3/ 3.9W
Response Time NEAM-1-02
60 to 90 secs
Response Time NEAM-1-05
70 to 100secs
Response Time NEAM-1-08
35 to 45 secs
Response Time NEAM-1-16
90 to 110 secs
Response Time NEAM-1-24
140 to 160 secs
-20 to + 50C 5 to 95%RH non condensing
Country Of Origin

AX-NEAM-02-05.pdf / Modulating damper actulators  
AX-NEAM-08-16-24.pdf / Modulating damper actulators