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AX-FRM4-D30ET / Fan Speed 3-Relay Module with 230/24Vac extended temperature transformer 30VA - DIN rail mounted POA Qty

The AX-FRM4 Fan Speed Relay Module provides high capacity, interlocked fan speed switching relays with an integrated 24Vac transformer. The fan speed relays are switched live and can switch up to 12 Amps at 250Vac (resistive). The module also features an additional volt-free On/Off relay for switching fan coil units or other equipment.The units can be used to change the speeds on fan motors with multi-tapped windings and also transformer speed controlled motors. The 'break before make' design of the relay contact configuration and common switching point ensure that only one set of contacts is active at any one time, thus preventing short circuits.
Product Features
• Designed for fan switching applications
• 230Vac to 24vac transformer 30VA
• Integral fuses on input and output
• Extended temperature range
• High quality rising clamp terminals
• Fits to standard DIN rail
• Switch up to 250Vac at 12A with interlocked relays
• LED indicators for relay status

Power 230Vac 50/60Hz +/- 15%

Digital for relays

Additional relay
24Vac/dc contacts with common 0V
Output Supply
24Vac at 30VA
Output Fan Speed
Common and three Switched Live, interlocked relay outputs

Additional relay
Input 6A

Output 1.6A
Fuse Size
Contact Rating
12A @250Vac resistive (max. 5A inductive)
Rising Clamp for 0.5-2.5mm² Cable
Ambient Temp
-10 to +50°C 0-95% RH (non-condensing)
135 x 83 x 62mm (approx.) DIN rail version
Country of Origin
United Kingdom

AX-FRM4-D30ET.pdf / Fan Speed Relay Module + Additional Relay with 24Vac Transformer