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AX-ET-1L-24 / Electronic Thermostat - Single Stage - LCD - 24Vac/dc POA Qty
AX-ET-1L-230 / Electronic Thermostat - Single Stage - LCD - 230Vac POA Qty

The Axio AX-ET-1L single stage electronic thermostats include a two line LCD display and are used for monitoring and controlling temperature between -10C to +110C. They control either heating or cooling in response to the temperature. The minimum and maximum temperature values are stored for display via the menu. The set point can be adjusted on the PCB or via an external 1-11kΩ potentiometer. A setback input is provided for use with an external switch. The AX-ET-1L is provided in a DIN rail carrier and is available as 24Vac/dc or 230Vac powered versions.
Product Features
Setpoint range -10C to +110C
Adjustable differential
Setback input for use with an external time switch
LCD display of temperature, setpoint
Resettable Min/Max temperature monitoring
Adjustable minimum cycle time
24Vac/dc or 230Vac versions
DIN rail carrier as standard
High quality rising clamp terminals

Power Supply
AX-ET-1L-24 24Vac 160mA, 24Vdc 70mA (Voltages 15%, Currents maximum)

AX-ET-1L-230 230Vac 15%
Sensor, 10K3A1 ( See Axio temperature sensor range )

Remote Setpoint, 1-11kΩ ( 4C or 20C )

Setback, VFC timer input (Close contact to activate setback)
LCD Display
2 lines by 8 characters
Temperature Range
-20C to +120C
Setpoint Range
-10C to +110C
0.4 to 12C
Setback Range
0 to 30C
Minimum Cycle Time
2 to 250 seconds
Output Contacts
SPCO Relay - NO contact 10A, NC contact 3A, at 250Vac, resistive load
Rising clamp for 0.5-2.5mm2 cable
Dimensions & Weight
AX-ET-1L-24 68(W) x 82(H) x 48(D) mm / 86 gms

AX-ET-1L-230 80(W) x 82(H) x 55(D) mm / 183 gms
Ambient temperature range
0 to 50C
Country of origin
United Kingdom

AX-ET-1L.pdf / Electronic Thermostat - Single Stage - LCD