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AX-DASM124F120 / On/off or Floating point Damper Actuator 18nm 230Vac/dc 120sec POA Qty
AX-DASM124F122 / On/off or Floating point Damper Actuator 18nm 24Vac/dc 120sec POA Qty
AX-DASM124SF122 / Proportional Damper Actuator 15nm 24Vac/dc 60/120 secs POA Qty

The AX-DASM range of damper actuators are designed to be used for the operation of dampers, valves ad other process control elements. The DASM series of actuators remain in position in the event of power failure. Direct mounting of the actuator onto the damper shafts is achieved using the mounting clamp.
Product Features
Constant running time , independant of load
Very quiet operation >30db(A)
On/off and floating control in the same unit
0- 10 proportional version available
Automatic shutoff at endstop
Simple manual positioning via red button

Output 124F
18 Nm
Output 124SF
Output Modes F120
On/Off or Floating point
Output Modes SF
Proportional 0 to 10Vdc
Power Supply F122
24Vac / dc +/-20%
Power Supply F120
230Vac +/- 15%
Power Supply SF
24Vac /dc only +/- 20%
Running Time F122, 120
secs +/- 5% for 90 deg rotation
Running Time 124SF
60/120sec switch selectable
Power Consumption F120
2.9W 5.6VA
Power Consumption F122
2.3W 2.4VA
Power Consumption SF
2.4W 4.4VA
Angle of Rotation
90 deg max 95 deg
Noise Emission Level
> 30db (A)
Spindle Size, Circular
10 to 20mm diam
Spindle Size, Square
10 to 16mm
1.2m cable
Ambient Temp. Range
-20 to + 55C @ 5 to 85 %RH
Weight, F
1200 gms approx
Weight, SF 1600 gms approx

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