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AX-AUTOSTAT III / Intelligent Room Thermostat POA Qty
AX-AUTOSTAT III-TP / Intelligent Room Thermostat Tamper proof POA Qty

The Axio AX-AutoStat III intelligent room thermostat's accurate temperature control is combined with a built in movement sensor to sense when the room is occupied. The unit automatically switches the temperature control to the setpoint when occupancy is detected. When the room is no longer occupied the AX-AutoStat III automatically reverts to the setback level after the user defined run on time has elapsed. The unit also incorporates a window sensor input to disable the heating when a window is open. The AX-AutoStat III is available with an adjustable setpoint or as tamper proof version. In both versions the setback and timer settings cannot be adjusted by the occupant. The unit can directly control a heater or a thermal actuator fitted to a radiator valve.
Product Features
Energy saving
Built in movement sensor
3kW heater load
Adjustable run on time
Adjustable setback
Window sensor input
Residential and care homes
Sheltered housing
Hotels and holiday villages
School, colleges and offices, meeting rooms, etc.
Disabled accommodation

Operating voltage
230Vac 50/60 Hz
Occupied temperature setting
10C to 30C
Setback temperature setting
0C to 10C (Setback from setpoint)
Occupied timer range
0 to 60 minutes
Window sensor input
Volt free contact (Open when window open)
Occupancy sensor range
6 meters
Maximum load
3kW (Resistive) (N/O contact)
85(H) x 85(W) x 32(D) mm (Maximum)
Country of origin
United Kingdom

AX-AUTOSTAT III.pdf / Intelligent Room Thermostat