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AX-3498285 / 20mm Balancing Valve 15/22mm Comp 0.5 to 7l/min 1.5kvs POA Qty
AX-3498290 / 20mm Balancing Valve 15/22mm Comp 2 to 16l/min 3.0kvs POA Qty
AX-3498295 / 20mm Balancing valve 15/22mm Comp 4 to 36l/min 3.5kvs POA Qty
AX-3498355 / 25mm Balancing valve 1" F Iron BSP 5 to 50l/min 5.5kvs POA Qty
AX-3498360 / 32mm Balancing Valve 1 1/4" F Iron BSP 10 to 80l/min 9.0kvs POA Qty
AX-3498365 / 40mm Balancing Valve 1 1/2" F Iron BSP 15 to 120l/min 14.0kvs POA Qty
AX-3498370 / 50mm Balancing Valve 2" F Iron BSP 25 to 200l/min 18.0kvs POA Qty

The Wattflow valve is a direct reading balancing valve with an integrated flow meter. This negates the requirement for a separate metering device facilitating rapid commissioning and providing a means for monitoring flow rate during post installation maintenance work. The fluid in the flow meter is automatically sealed in when the system is filled and therefore the scale remains readable even if the system water becomes discoloured.The valve is inherently quieter than ball valve methods of flow regulation and the innovative design allows the entire body of the valve to be insulated whilst leaving the adjustment and scale exposed. Each valve is supplied complete with an adjustment knob which can be stored on the valve or removed from site after commissioning.
Product Features
Multi-turn valve for accurate flow regulation
Can be installed in any orientation
Visual indication of actual flow rate
Circuit balancing without calculation
No external metering device required
No requirement for correction charts for glycol

Max. Operating Temperature
100oC at 6 bar
Min. Operating Temperature
Max. Operating Pressure
10 bar at 70oC
Flow Meter Accuracy

Flow Indicator
Impact Resistant Plastic
Stainless Steel
See datasheet
Country of Origin

WattFlow Enterprise.pdf / Enterprise Balancing valve