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AX-2102-HC / Mechanical Heating/Cooling Space Thermostat - +10C to +30C 2-Wire POA Qty
AX-2102 / Mechanical Heating/Cooling Space Thermostat - +10C to +30C 3-Wire POA Qty

The AX-2102 space thermostats are a range of wall mounted units for heating and cooling applications. These units are equipped with a bellows switch mechanism making them suitable for use with both mains and low voltage. Tamper resistant models have a concealed set point adjustment requiring the cover to be removed to effect adjustment
Product Features
Modern Styling
Single Unit For Heating, Cooling and Changeover Applications
Suitable For Use With Mains and Low Voltage
Bellows Switch Mechanism

Temperature Range
10C to 30C
Operating Voltage
<220/240Vac @ 50/60Hz
Switch Type
Switch Rating
220/240Vac - 3A Resistive (1A Inductive)
Switching Differential
1K (approx)
83 x 83 x 39mm(max)
Country of Origin

AX-2102.pdf / Mechanical Room Thermostat