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AX-2100-25C / Range -5C to +25C (Frost Protection) POA Qty

The AX-2100-25C space thermostat is a wall mounted unit for heating or cooling applications. The unit is equipped with a bi-metallic switch mechanism for reliability and to provide a fast response to changes in temperature. The set point adjustment is concealed underneath the tamperproof cover.
Product Features
Low Profile Housing
Heating or Cooling Applications
Tamper Resistant
Bi-metallic switch mechanism

Temperature Range
-5C to +25C
Maximum Operating Temperature
Operating Voltage
220/240Vac @ 50/60Hz
Switch Type
SPDT Switched Live
Switch Rating
3A@240Vac Resistive (res) (1A Inductive)
Switching Differential
0.5K (approx)
78 x 78 x 36mm(max)
Storage Temperature
-30C to +70C
Country of Origin

AX-2100-25C.pdf / Mechanical Room Thermostat Tamperproof